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Diophantine Equation

Boolean Algebra
Cellular Automata

Affine Cipher

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Transposition Cipher

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Burrows Wheeler

Lempel Ziv

Lempel Ziv Decompress

Peak Signal to Noise Ratio

Run Length Encoding

Computer Vision

Cnn Classification

Flip Augmentation

Haralick Descriptors

Harris Corner

Mean Threshold

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Data Structures

Equilibrium Index in Array

Find Triplets with 0 Sum

Index 2d Array in 1d

Kth Largest Element

Median Two Array

Monotonic Array

Pairs with Given Sum

Binary Search Tree

Binary Search Tree Recursive

Binary Tree Node Sum

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Binary Tree Traversals

Diameter of Binary Tree

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Flatten Binarytree to Linkedlist

Inorder Tree Traversal 2022

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Maximum Fenwick Tree

Merge Two Binary Trees

Non Recursive Segment Tree

Number of Possible Binary Trees

Serialize Deserialize Binary Tree

Alternate Disjoint Set

Hash Table with Linked List

Quadratic Probing

Randomized Heap

Circular Linked List

Doubly Linked List

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Floyds Cycle Detection

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Rotate to the Right

Singly Linked List

Circular Queue Linked List

Double Ended Queue

Priority Queue Using List

Queue by Two Stacks

Queue on Pseudo Stack

Balanced Parentheses

Dijkstras Two Stack Algorithm

Infix to Postfix Conversion

Infix to Prefix Conversion

Next Greater Element

Postfix Evaluation

Prefix Evaluation

Stack Using Two Queues

Stack with Doubly Linked List

Stack with Singly Linked List

Stock Span Problem

Digital Image Processing
Divide and Conquer

Closest Pair of Points

Heaps Algorithm

Heaps Algorithm Iterative

Kth Order Statistic

Max Difference Pair

Strassen Matrix Multiplication

Dynamic Programming

Combination Sum Iv

Fibonacci Numbers



Floyd Warshall

Integer Partition

Iterating Through Submasks

K Means Clustering Tensorflow

Largest Divisible Subset

Longest Common Subsequence

Longest Common Substring

Longest Increasing Subsequence

Longest Increasing Subsequence O Nlogn

Longest Palindromic Subsequence

Matrix Chain Multiplication

Matrix Chain Order

Max Non Adjacent Sum

Max Product Subarray

Max Subarray Sum

Min Distance up Bottom

Minimum Coin Change

Minimum Cost Path

Minimum Partition

Minimum Size Subarray Sum

Minimum Squares to Represent a Number

Minimum Steps to One

Minimum Tickets Cost

Optimal Binary Search Tree

Palindrome Partitioning

Subset Generation

Wildcard Matching

Minimum Coin Change

Fibonacci Numbers



Apparent Power

Builtin Voltage

Capacitor Equivalence

Carrier Concentration

Charging Capacitor

Charging Inductor

Circular Convolution

Coulombs Law

Electric Conductivity

Electric Power

Electrical Impedance

Ic 555 Timer

Ind Reactance

Real and Reactive Power

Resistor Color Code

Resistor Equivalence

Resonant Frequency

Wheatstone Bridge

Coulombs Law

File Transfer

Equated Monthly Installments

Exponential Moving Average

Present Value

Price Plus Tax

Simple Moving Average


Julia Sets

Koch Snowflake


Sierpinski Triangle

Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy Operations

Genetic Algorithm

Haversine Distance

Lamberts Ellipsoidal Distance


Bezier Curve

Vector 3 for 2d Rendering


Ant Colony Optimization Algorithms

Articulation Points

Basic Graphs

Bellman Ford

Bi Directional Dijkstra

Bidirectional a Star

Bidirectional Breadth First Search


Breadth First Search

Breadth First Search 2

Breadth First Search Shortest Path

Breadth First Search Shortest Path 2

Breadth First Search Zero One Shortest Path

Check Bipatrite

Check Cycle

Connected Components

Deep Clone Graph

Depth First Search

Depth First Search 2


Dijkstra 2

Dijkstra Algorithm

Dijkstra Alternate

Dijkstra Binary Grid

Directed and Undirected Weighted Graph

Edmonds Karp Multiple Source and Sink

Eulerian Path and Circuit for Undirected Graph

Even Tree

Finding Bridges

Frequent Pattern Graph Miner

G Topological Sort

Gale Shapley Bigraph

Graph Adjacency List

Graph Adjacency Matrix

Graph List

Graphs Floyd Warshall

Greedy Best First

Greedy Min Vertex Cover

Kahns Algorithm Long

Kahns Algorithm Topo

Markov Chain

Matching Min Vertex Cover

Minimum Path Sum

Minimum Spanning Tree Boruvka

Minimum Spanning Tree Kruskal

Minimum Spanning Tree Kruskal 2

Minimum Spanning Tree Prims

Minimum Spanning Tree Prims 2

Multi Heuristic Astar

Page Rank

Random Graph Generator

Scc Kosaraju

Strongly Connected Components

Tarjans Scc

Greedy Methods

Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock

Fractional Cover Problem

Fractional Knapsack

Fractional Knapsack 2

Minimum Waiting Time

Optimal Merge Pattern

Smallest Range


Adler 32

Chaos Machine

Enigma Machine

Fletcher 16

Hamming Code


Greedy Knapsack

Recursive Approach Knapsack

Linear Algebra

Gaussian Elimination

Jacobi Iteration Method

Lu Decomposition

Conjugate Gradient

Gaussian Elimination Pivoting

Polynom for Points

Power Iteration

Rank of Matrix

Rayleigh Quotient

Schur Complement

Transformations 2d

Linear Programming
Machine Learning

Apriori Algorithm

Automatic Differentiation

Data Transformations

Dimensionality Reduction

Frequent Pattern Growth

Gradient Boosting Classifier

Gradient Descent

K Nearest Neighbours

Linear Discriminant Analysis

Linear Regression

Local Weighted Learning

Logistic Regression

Loss Functions

Lstm Prediction

Multilayer Perceptron Classifier

Polynomial Regression

Scoring Functions

Self Organizing Map

Sequential Minimum Optimization

Similarity Search

Support Vector Machines

Word Frequency Functions

Xgboost Classifier

Xgboost Regressor


Addition without Arithmetic

Aliquot Sum

Allocation Number

Arc Length

Area Under Curve

Average Absolute Deviation

Average Mean

Average Median

Average Mode

Bailey Borwein Plouffe

Base Neg 2 Conversion

Basic Maths

Binary Exponentiation

Binary Multiplication

Binomial Coefficient

Binomial Distribution

Chebyshev Distance

Check Polygon

Chinese Remainder Theorem

Chudnovsky Algorithm

Collatz Sequence


Continued Fraction

Decimal Isolate

Decimal to Fraction


Double Factorial

Dual Number Automatic Differentiation


Euclidean Distance

Euler Method

Euler Modified

Euler's Totient

Extended Euclidean Algorithm


Fast Inverse Sqrt

Fermats Little Theorem

Find Max

Find Min


Gcd of N Numbers

Germain Primes

Greatest Common Divisor

Hardy Ramanujanalgo

Integer Square Root

Interquartile Range

Is Int Palindrome

Is Ip v 4 Address Valid

Is Square Free

Jaccard Similarity

Joint Probability Distribution

Josephus Problem

Juggler Sequence


Kth Lexicographic Permutation

Largest of Very Large Numbers

Least Common Multiple

Line Length

Liouville Lambda

Lucas Series

Maclaurin Series

Manhattan Distance

Matrix Exponentiation

Max Sum Sliding Window

Minkowski Distance

Mobius Function

Modular Division

Modular Exponential

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo Dice

Number of Digits

Integration by Simpson Approx

Newton Forward Interpolation

Numerical Integration

Runge Kutta Fehlberg 45

Runge Kutta Gills

Odd Sieve

Perfect Cube

Perfect Number

Perfect Square


Pi Generator

Pi Monte Carlo Estimation

Points Are Collinear 3d