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Hamiltonian Cycle

Rat in Maze

Knight Tour

N Queens Math

Sum of Subsets

All Combinations

All Permutations

All Subsequences

Bit Manipulation

Binary or Operator

Binary Xor Operator

Binary Count Trailing Zeros

Binary Twos Complement

Single Bit Manipulation Operations

Binary and Operator

Count Number of One Bits

Binary Count Setbits


Diophantine Equation

Modular Division

Chinese Remainder Theorem

Boolean Algebra

Quine Mc Cluskey

Cellular Automata

One Dimensional

Conways Game of Life


Cryptomath Module

Rabin Miller

Rail Fence Cipher

Mono Alphabetic Ciphers

Morse Code Implementation

Enigma Machine2

Decrypt Caesar with Chi Squared

Affine Cipher

Rsa Cipher

Elgamal Key Generator

Rsa Factorization

Xor Cipher

Playfair Cipher

Brute Force Caesar Cipher

Shuffled Shift Cipher

Simple Keyword Cypher

Caesar Cipher

Trafid Cipher

Base64 Encoding

Porta Cipher

Beaufort Cipher

Rsa Key Generator

Vigenere Cipher

Transposition Cipher Encrypt Decrypt File

Onepad Cipher

Deterministic Miller Rabin

Diffie Hellman

Simple Substitution Cipher

Transposition Cipher

Mixed Keyword Cypher

Hill Cipher


Lempel Ziv Decompress

Lempel Ziv

Peak Signal to Noise Ratio

Burrows Wheeler

Computer Vision

Cnn Classification

Mean Threshold

Harris Corner


Prefix Conversions

Decimal to Octal

Decimal to Hexadecimal

Decimal to Binary

Rgb Hsv Conversion

Decimal to Any

Molecular Chemistry

Temperature Conversions

Hexadecimal to Decimal

Weight Conversion

Roman Numerals

Binary to Octal

Octal to Decimal

Binary to Decimal

Hex to Bin

Decimal to Binary Recursion

Data Structures

Priority Queue Using List

Double Ended Queue

Queue on Pseudo Stack

Randomized Heap

Doubly Linked List Two

Doubly Linked List

Circular Linked List

Middle Element of Linked List

Balanced Parentheses

Next Greater Element

Infix to Postfix Conversion

Prefix Evaluation

Evaluate Postfix Notations

Infix to Prefix Conversion

Stock Span Problem

Postfix Evaluation

Dijkstras Two Stack Algorithm

Merge Two Binary Trees

Lowest Common Ancestor

Non Recursive Segment Tree

Binary Search Tree

Binary Tree Traversals

Binary Search Tree Recursive

Number of Possible Binary Trees

Quadratic Probing

Hash Table with Linked List

Alternate Disjoint Set

Digital Image Processing
Divide and Conquer

Max Subarray Sum

Closest Pair of Points

Heaps Algorithm Iterative

Heaps Algorithm

Max Difference Pair

Kth Order Statistic

Strassen Matrix Multiplication

Dynamic Programming

Minimum Partition

Longest Increasing Subsequence O(nlogn)

Fractional Knapsack 2

Integer Partition

Longest Common Subsequence

Optimal Binary Search Tree

Max Non Adjacent Sum

Max Sum Contiguous Subsequence

Subset Generation

Minimum Cost Path

Fractional Knapsack

Minimum Steps to One

Longest Sub Array

Longest Increasing Subsequence

Iterating Through Submasks

Minimum Coin Change

Matrix Chain Order


Electric Power

File Transfer

Sierpinski Triangle


Koch Snowflake

Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy Operations

Genetic Algorithm

Haversine Distance

Lamberts Ellipsoidal Distance


Vector3 for 2d Rendering

Bezier Curve


Check Bipartite Graph Bfs

Minimum Spanning Tree Kruskal

Bidirectional a Star

Bidirectional Breadth First Search

Frequent Pattern Graph Miner

Scc Kosaraju

Check Bipartite Graph Dfs

Greedy Best First

Dijkstra 2

Graph List

Edmonds Karp Multiple Source and Sink

Minimum Spanning Tree Prims2

Depth First Search

Depth First Search 2

Markov Chain

Bellman Ford

Dijkstra Algorithm

Page Rank



Minimum Spanning Tree Prims

Articulation Points

Graph Matrix

Breadth First Search 2

Graphs Floyd Warshall

Basic Graphs

Multi Heuristic Astar

G Topological Sort

Gale Shapley Bigraph

Even Tree

Kahns Algorithm Long

Kahns Algorithm Topo

Minimum Spanning Tree Boruvka

Eulerian Path and Circuit for Undirected Graph

Directed and Undirected (Weighted) Graph

Tarjans Scc

Connected Components

Minimum Spanning Tree Kruskal2

Strongly Connected Components

Finding Bridges

Breadth First Search


Greedy Knapsack

Linear Algebra

Polynom for Points

Power Iteration

Transformations 2d

Rayleigh Quotient

Conjugate Gradient

Machine Learning

Gradient Descent

Word Frequency Functions

Lstm Prediction

Support Vector Machines

Similarity Search

Sequential Minimum Optimization

Linear Regression

Gradient Boosting Regressor

Logistic Regression

Random Forest Regressor

K Nearest Neighbours

Multilayer Perceptron Classifier

Scoring Functions

Data Transformations

Linear Discriminant Analysis

Gaussian Naive Bayes

Random Forest Classifier

Polymonial Regression


Quadratic Equations Complex Numbers

Polynomial Evaluation

Prime Sieve Eratosthenes

Sum of Geometric Progression

Find Max

Fermat Little Theorem


Sieve of Eratosthenes

Numerical Integration

Area Under Curve

Least Common Multiple

Binary Exponentiation 3

Fibonacci Numbers

Median of Two Arrays

Greedy Coin Change

Find Min

Average Mean

Miller Rabin

Aliquot Sum

Power Using Recursion

Euclidean Distance

Abs Max

Monte Carlo

Binary Exp Mod


Lucas Series

Perfect Square

Sum of Digits

Find Max Recursion

Check Valid Ip Address

Factorial Python

Kth Lexicographic Permutation

Square Root

Runge Kutta


Number of Digits

Integration by Simpson Approx

3n Plus 1

Segmented Sieve


Modular Exponential

Decimal Isolate

Chudnovsky Algorithm

Pi Monte Carlo Estimation

Perfect Cube

Two Sum

Average Mode

Sum of Arithmetic Series

Eulers Totient

Jaccard Similarity

Max Sum Sliding Window

Matrix Exponentiation

Line Length

Ugly Numbers

Triplet Sum

Hardy Ramanujanalgo

Factorial Recursive

Euclidean Gcd

Gamma Recursive


Extended Euclidean Algorithm

Fibonacci Sequence Recursion

Trapezoidal Rule

Qr Decomposition

Collatz Sequence



Geometric Series

Harmonic Series

Geometric Mean

Arithmetic Mean

Radix2 Fft

Binary Exponentiation 2

Euler Method

Two Pointer


Binary Exponentiation


Binomial Coefficient

Double Factorial Recursive

Allocation Number

Simpson Rule

Abs Min

Factorial Iterative

Largest of Very Large Numbers

Krishnamurthy Number

Newton Raphson

Monte Carlo Dice

Average Median

Basic Maths

Bailey Borwein Plouffe

Zellers Congruence

Perfect Number

Binomial Distribution

Prime Check


Largest Subarray Sum

Mobius Function

Find Min Recursion

Is Square Free

Armstrong Numbers

Prime Numbers



Prime Factors



Newton Raphson

Fibonacci Numbers

Prime Numbers


Rotate Matrix

Searching in Sorted Matrix

Matrix Class

Inverse of Matrix

Count Islands in Matrix

Spiral Print

Nth Fibonacci Using Matrix Exponentiation

Matrix Operation

Sherman Morrison

Networking Flow
Neural Network

Convolution Neural Network

Back Propagation Neural Network

2 Hidden Layers Neural Network

Numerical Analysis

Gaussian Elimination

Newton Forward Interpolation

Lu Decomposition

In Static Equilibrium


Password Generator

Nested Brackets

Graham Scan

Tower of Hanoi

Date to Weekday

Activity Selection

Fischer Yates Shuffle

Scoring Algorithm

Lfu Cache

Linear Congruential Generator


Davisb Putnamb Logemannb Loveland

Dijkstra Bankers Algorithm

Lru Cache

Least Recently Used


Gauss Easter


N Body Simulation


Not Gate

Single Qubit Measure

Ripple Adder Classic

Half Adder

Quantum Entanglement

Deutsch Jozsa


Round Robin

First Come First Served


Build Directory Md

Validate Filenames

Validate Solutions


Fibonacci Search

Jump Search

Tabu Search

Interpolation Search

Hill Climbing

Double Linear Search Recursion

Simple Binary Search

Quick Select

Binary Tree Traversal

Linear Search



Double Linear Search

Simulated Annealing

Binary Search



Ternary Search

Sentinel Linear Search


Msd Radix Sort

Cocktail Shaker Sort

Selection Sort



Tree Sort

Unknown Sort

Recursive Mergesort Array

Topological Sort

Exchange Sort

Counting Sort

Recursive Insertion Sort

Pigeonhole Sort

Heap Sort



External Sort

Pancake Sort

Pigeon Sort

Cycle Sort

Odd Even Transposition Single Threaded

Merge Insertion Sort

Strand Sort

Random Pivot Quick Sort


Bubble Sort



Double Sort

Wiggle Sort

Intro Sort

Random Normal Distribution Quicksort

Odd Even Sort

Bitonic Sort

Recursive Quick Sort

Natural Sort

Gnome Sort

Bogo Sort

Iterative Merge Sort

Recursive Bubble Sort

Comb Sort

Bead Sort

Shell Sort

Tim Sort

Bucket Sort

Insertion Sort



Merge Sort



Radix Sort

Dutch National Flag Sort

Patience Sort

Stooge Sort

Quick Sort



Odd Even Transposition Parallel

Quick Sort 3 Partition

Merge Sort





Levenshtein Distance

Word Occurrence


Remove Duplicate

Autocomplete Using Trie

Frequency Finder

Indian Phone Validator

Min Cost String Conversion

Rabin Karp

Detecting English Programmatically

Boyer Moore Search

Knuth Morris Pratt

Is Palindrome

Swap Case

Reverse Words

Aho Corasick


Jaro Winkler

Reverse Letters

Alternative String Arrange

Prefix Function

Naive String Search

Can String Be Rearranged as Palindrome

Check Pangram

Check Anagrams

Word Patterns

Z Function

Is Palindrome

Web Programming

Get Imdb Top 250 Movies Csv

Fetch Bbc News

Covid Stats via Xpath

Crawl Google Results

Emails From Url

Crawl Google Scholar Citation

Current Weather

Daily Horoscope

Instagram Pic

Random Anime Character

Currency Converter

Current Stock Price

World Covid19 Stats

Instagram Video

Instagram Crawler

Recaptcha Verification

Slack Message