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Check Kebab Case

// CheckKebabCase method checks the given string is in kebab-case or not.

// Problem Source & Explanation:

 * CheckKebabCase method returns true if the string in kebab-case, else return the false.
 * @param {String} varName the name of the variable to check.
 * @returns `Boolean` return true if the string is in kebab-case, else return false.
const CheckKebabCase = (varName) => {
  // firstly, check that input is a string or not.
  if (typeof varName !== 'string') {
    throw new TypeError('Argument is not a string.')

  const pat = /(\w+)-(\w)([\w-]*)/
  return pat.test(varName) && !varName.includes('_')

export { CheckKebabCase }