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Binary Search



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What is an Algorithm?

An algorithm is a set of rules that takes in one or more inputs, then performs inner calculations and data manipulations and returns an output or a set of outputs. In short, algorithms make life easy. From complex data manipulations and hashes, to simple arithmetic, algorithms follow a set of steps to produce a useful result. One example of an algorithm would be a simple function that takes two input values, adds them together, and returns their sum.

About Us

We are a group of programmers helping each other build new things, whether it be writing complex encryption programs, or simple ciphers. Our goal is to work together to document and model beautiful, helpful and interesting algorithms using code. We are an open-source community - anyone can contribute. We check each other's work, communicate and collaborate to solve problems. We strive to be welcoming, respectful, yet make sure that our code follows the latest programming guidelines.

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Logistic Regression

Caesar Cipher


Bellman Ford

Bogo Sort

Programming Languages

We support many programming languages. Each language has its own GitHub repository where all the code for the algorithms is stored. Here is a list of the current programming languages:

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