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Machine Learning

K Nearest Neighbours

Sequential Minimum Optimization

Polymonial Regression

Linear Discriminant Analysis

Lstm Prediction

Gaussian Naive Bayes

Scoring Functions

Random Forest Classifier

Data Transformations

Linear Regression

Similarity Search

Multilayer Perceptron Classifier

Logistic Regression

Local Weighted Learning

Random Forest Regressor

Gradient Boosting Regressor

Gradient Descent

Word Frequency Functions

Ordinary Least Squares Regressor

Neural Network

Adaline Learning

Kohonen Som Trace

Kohonen Som Topology

K Means Clustering

Fundamentals of Numpy

Naive Bayes Classification

Linear Regression Using Pandas

Reuters One vs Rest Classifier

Support Vector Machine

ARIMA with Pyramid

House Price Prediction

K-Fold Cross-Validation of Decision Tree Regression

Movie Recommendation Sentance Embedding

Named Entity Recognition with Conditional Random Fields

Movie Recommendation System

Random Forest Regression

Hyperbolic tangent(without Inbuilt)

Threshold(without Inbuilt)

Piecewise(without Inbuilt)