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Detect Anagrams

    detect_anagrams(subject, candidates)
A function that checks if a list of words
is an [Anagram]( or not of a subject word.

is the original word = subject
is list of words to be compared if they are an anagram of `subject` = candidates

julia> subject = "listen"
julia> candidates = ["inlets", "enlists", "google", "banana"]
julia> detect_anagrams(subject, candidates)
1-element Vector{String}:

Contributed By:- [Soc V. E.](
Based on my exercism's Julia track problem solution on [Anagrams](


An anagram is a rearrangement of letters to form a new word. Given a word and a list of candidates, select the sublist of anagrams of the given word.
Given "listen" and a list of candidates like "enlists" "google" "inlets" "banana" the program should return a list containing "inlets".

Inspired by the [Extreme Startup game](
function detect_anagrams(subject, candidates)
    function condition(i)
        return sort(collect(lowercase(subject))) == sort(collect(lowercase(i)))
    collection = collect(
        word for word in candidates if lowercase(word) != lowercase(subject)
    return filter(condition, collection)