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Pronic Number

package com.thealgorithms.maths;

 * Java program for Pronic Number
 * Pronic Number: A number n is a pronic number if
 * it is equal to product of two consecutive numbers m and m+1.
 * Wikipedia:
 * Author: Akshay Dubey (
 * */

public class PronicNumber {

     * This method checks if the given number is pronic number or non-pronic number
     * @param input_number Integer value which is to be checked if is a pronic number or not 
     * @return true if input number is a pronic number, false otherwise
	static boolean isPronic(int input_number) {
		//Iterating from 0 to input_number
		for(int i = 0; i <= input_number; i++) {
			//Checking if product of i and (i+1) is equals input_number
			if(i * (i+1) == input_number && i != input_number) {
				//return true if product of i and (i+1) is equals input_number
				return true;
		//return false if product of i and (i+1) for all values from 0 to input_number is not equals input_number
		return false;