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Soboleva Modified Hyperbolic Tangent

This script implements the Soboleva Modified Hyperbolic Tangent function.

The function applies the Soboleva Modified Hyperbolic Tangent function
to each element of the vector.

More details about the activation function can be found on:

import numpy as np

def soboleva_modified_hyperbolic_tangent(
    vector: np.ndarray, a_value: float, b_value: float, c_value: float, d_value: float
) -> np.ndarray:
    Implements the Soboleva Modified Hyperbolic Tangent function

        vector (ndarray): A vector that consists of numeric values
        a_value (float): parameter a of the equation
        b_value (float): parameter b of the equation
        c_value (float): parameter c of the equation
        d_value (float): parameter d of the equation

        vector (ndarray): Input array after applying SMHT function

    >>> vector = np.array([5.4, -2.4, 6.3, -5.23, 3.27, 0.56])
    >>> soboleva_modified_hyperbolic_tangent(vector, 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8)
    array([ 0.11075085, -0.28236685,  0.07861169, -0.1180085 ,  0.22999056,
            0.1566043 ])

    # Separate the numerator and denominator for simplicity
    # Calculate the numerator and denominator element-wise
    numerator = np.exp(a_value * vector) - np.exp(-b_value * vector)
    denominator = np.exp(c_value * vector) + np.exp(-d_value * vector)

    # Calculate and return the final result element-wise
    return numerator / denominator

if __name__ == "__main__":
    import doctest