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A Trie/Prefix Tree is a kind of search tree used to provide quick lookup
of words/patterns in a set of words. A basic Trie however has O(n^2) space complexity
making it impractical in practice. It however provides O(max(search_string, length of
longest word)) lookup time making it an optimal approach when space is not an issue.

class TrieNode:
    def __init__(self) -> None:
        self.nodes: dict[str, TrieNode] = {}  # Mapping from char to TrieNode
        self.is_leaf = False

    def insert_many(self, words: list[str]) -> None:
        Inserts a list of words into the Trie
        :param words: list of string words
        :return: None
        for word in words:

    def insert(self, word: str) -> None:
        Inserts a word into the Trie
        :param word: word to be inserted
        :return: None
        curr = self
        for char in word:
            if char not in curr.nodes:
                curr.nodes[char] = TrieNode()
            curr = curr.nodes[char]
        curr.is_leaf = True

    def find(self, word: str) -> bool:
        Tries to find word in a Trie
        :param word: word to look for
        :return: Returns True if word is found, False otherwise
        curr = self
        for char in word:
            if char not in curr.nodes:
                return False
            curr = curr.nodes[char]
        return curr.is_leaf

    def delete(self, word: str) -> None:
        Deletes a word in a Trie
        :param word: word to delete
        :return: None

        def _delete(curr: TrieNode, word: str, index: int) -> bool:
            if index == len(word):
                # If word does not exist
                if not curr.is_leaf:
                    return False
                curr.is_leaf = False
                return len(curr.nodes) == 0
            char = word[index]
            char_node = curr.nodes.get(char)
            # If char not in current trie node
            if not char_node:
                return False
            # Flag to check if node can be deleted
            delete_curr = _delete(char_node, word, index + 1)
            if delete_curr:
                del curr.nodes[char]
                return len(curr.nodes) == 0
            return delete_curr

        _delete(self, word, 0)

def print_words(node: TrieNode, word: str) -> None:
    Prints all the words in a Trie
    :param node: root node of Trie
    :param word: Word variable should be empty at start
    :return: None
    if node.is_leaf:
        print(word, end=" ")

    for key, value in node.nodes.items():
        print_words(value, word + key)

def test_trie() -> bool:
    words = "banana bananas bandana band apple all beast".split()
    root = TrieNode()
    # print_words(root, "")
    assert all(root.find(word) for word in words)
    assert root.find("banana")
    assert not root.find("bandanas")
    assert not root.find("apps")
    assert root.find("apple")
    assert root.find("all")
    assert not root.find("all")
    assert not root.find("banana")
    assert root.find("bananas")
    return True

def print_results(msg: str, passes: bool) -> None:
    print(str(msg), "works!" if passes else "doesn't work :(")

def pytests() -> None:
    assert test_trie()

def main() -> None:
    >>> pytests()
    print_results("Testing trie functionality", test_trie())

if __name__ == "__main__":