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Validate Filenames

#!/usr/bin/env python3
import os

    from .build_directory_md import good_file_paths
except ImportError:
    from build_directory_md import good_file_paths  # type: ignore[no-redef]

filepaths = list(good_file_paths())
assert filepaths, "good_file_paths() failed!"

upper_files = [file for file in filepaths if file != file.lower()]
if upper_files:
    print(f"{len(upper_files)} files contain uppercase characters:")
    print("\n".join(upper_files) + "\n")

space_files = [file for file in filepaths if " " in file]
if space_files:
    print(f"{len(space_files)} files contain space characters:")
    print("\n".join(space_files) + "\n")

hyphen_files = [file for file in filepaths if "-" in file]
if hyphen_files:
    print(f"{len(hyphen_files)} files contain hyphen characters:")
    print("\n".join(hyphen_files) + "\n")

nodir_files = [file for file in filepaths if os.sep not in file]
if nodir_files:
    print(f"{len(nodir_files)} files are not in a directory:")
    print("\n".join(nodir_files) + "\n")

bad_files = len(upper_files + space_files + hyphen_files + nodir_files)
if bad_files:
    import sys