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A000002 Kolakoski

A000004 Zero

A000005 Count of Divisors

A000008 Make Change

A000012 All Ones

A000027 Natural

A000032 Lucas Numbers

A000040 Primes

A000045 Fibonacci

A000079 Powers of 2

A000108 Catalan

A000120 1's Counting

A000124 Central Polygonal Numbers

A000125 Cake Numbers

A000142 Factorial

A000213 Tribonacci Numbers

A000215 Fermat Numbers

A000288 Tetranacci Numbers

A000290 Squares

A000292 Tetrahedral numbers

A000578 Cubes

A000720 PrimePi

A001146 Number of Boolean Functions

A001462 Golomb's

A001478 Negative Integers

A002110 Primorial Numbers

A002717 Matchstick Triangle Arrangement

A005132 Recaman's

A006577 Number of '3n+1' steps to reach 1

A006862 Euclid Numbers

A006879 Number of Primes by Number of Digits

A006880 Number of Primes by Powers of 10

A007318 Binomial

A007395 All Twos

A010051 Binary Prime Constant

A010701 All Threes

A011557 Powers of 10

A057588 Kummer Numbers

A019434 Fermat Primes

A181391 Van Eck's