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Minimizing Lateness

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Power Sum


Knights Tour

Subset Sum


Product Cipher

Affine Cipher

Columnar Transposition Cipher

Simple Sub Cipher

Simple Substitution Cipher

Hill Cipher

AES Encryption


Roman To Integer

Hexadecimal to Decimal

Decimal to Hexadecimal

Binary to Decimal

Decimal to Octal

Turkish To Latin Conversion

Any Base To Decimal

Octal to Decimal

Rgb Hsv Conversion

Octal To Hexadecimal

Binary to Hexadecimal

Decimal To Any Base

Integer To Roman

Any Base To Any Base

Decimal to Binary

Binary to Octal

Hexa Decimal To Binary

Estructuras de datos

Min Priority Queue

Search Singly Linked List Recursion

Merge Sorted Singly Linked List

Count Singly Linked List Recursion

Merge Sorted Array List

Create And Detect Loop

Merge K Sorted Linkedlist

BST Recursive Generic

Level Order Traversal Queue

Check If Binary Tree Balanced

Create BST From Sorted Array

Print Top Viewof Tree

Level Order Traversal

Vertical Order Traversal

Ceil In Binary Search Tree

Create Binary Tree From Inorder Preorder

Decimal To Any Using Stack

Next Grater Element

Calculate Max Of Min

Stack with Singly Linked List

Next Smaller Element

Maximum Minimum Window

Generic Array List Queue

Queue Using Two Stacks

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Procesamiento digital de imágenes
Dividir y conquistar

Strassen Matrix Multiplication

Skyline Algorithm

Programación dinámica

Longest Palindromic Subsequence

Longest Valid Parentheses

Brute Force Knapsack

Memoization Technique Knapsack

Longest Palindromic Substring

Longest Increasing Subsequence

Longest Alternating Subsequence

Matrix Chain Recursive Top Down Memoisation

Dyanamic Programming Knapsack

Minimum Sum Partition

Count Friends Pairing

New Man Shanks Prime

Shortest Common Supersequence Length

Knapsack Memoization

Palindromic Partitioning

Matrix Chain Multiplication

Longest Common Subsequence

Longest Palindromic Substring


Koch Snowflake



Bellman Ford

Minimum Path Sum


Page Rank

Breadth First Search

Depth First Search


Binary Exponentiation

Fibonacci Numbers


Roman Numeral Util

Fibonacci Java Streams

Vector Cross Product

Pythagorean Triple

Automorphic Number

Lucas Series

Simpson Integration

Euler Method

Sum of Arithmetic Series

Harshad Number

Matrix Util

Fibonacci Numbers

Juggler Sequence

Perfect Number

Linear Diophantine Equations Solver

Determinant Of Matrix

Vampire Number


FFT Bluestein

Find Max Recursion

Pronic Number

Absolute Max

Power Of Two Or Not

Pascal Triangle

Dudeney Number

GCD Recursion

Keith Number

Binomial Coefficient

Prime Check

Standard Deviation

Find Kth Number

Palindrome Number

Perfect Square

Square Root With Babylonian Method

Krishnamurthy Number

Factorial Recursion

Perfect Cube

Magic Square

Amicable Number

Aliquot Sum

Standard Score

Parse Integer

Distance Formula

Digital Root

Reverse Number

Trinomial Triangle

Sum of Digits

Leonardo Number

Pow Recursion

Kaprekar Numbers

Pi Nilakantha

Find Min Recursion

Absolute Min

Number of Digits

Convolution FFT

Ugly Numbers

Herons Formula

Non Repeating Element

Absolute Value

ADT Fraction

Prime Factorization

Circular Convolution FFT

Generic Root

Sieve of Eratosthenes

Fibonacci Numbers


Inverse of Matrix

Flujo de la red

Ford Fulkerson

Operaciones en estructuras de datos

Matrix Transpose

Color Contrast Ratio

Median Of Running Array

Palindrome Singly Linked List

Palindrome Prime

Word Boggle


Three Sum Problem

Two Sum Problem

Range In Sorted Array

Sort 012 D

Lru Cache

Password Gen

Mini Max Algorithm

Reverse Stack Using Recursion

Eulers Function

Return Subsequence

Happy Numbers Seq

Three Sum

Brian Kernighan Algorithm

Implementing Auto Completing Features Using Trie

Fibbonaci Series

Count Char

Insert Delete In Array

Guass Legendre

CRC 32

Stack Postfix Notation

Rotate Matrice By 90 Degree


Two Pointers

String Match Finite Automata

Memory Management Algorithms

Remove Duplicate From String

Root Precision

Count Words

Floyd Triangle

Tower of Hanoi


Bankers Algorithm

Skyline Problem

Linear Congruential Generator

Lowest Base Palindrome

Perlin Noise

Top K Words

CRC Algorithm


Flood Fill


Linear Search Thread

Square Root Binary Search

Linear Search



Monte Carlo Tree Search

How Many Times Rotated

Lower Bound

Saddleback Search

Union Find

Ternary Search

Exponental Search

Fibonacci Search

Iterative Binary Search

Jump Search

Iterative Ternary Search

Perfect Binary Search

Upper Bound

Interpolation Search

Binary Search



Quick Select


Comb Sort

Pigeonhole Sort

Bogo Sort

Bucket Sort

Odd Even Sort

Topological Sort

Circle Sort

Sort Algorithm

Counting Sort

Dutch National Flag Sort

Shell Sort

Bubble Sort



Insertion Sort



Wiggle Sort

Merge Sort Recursive

Bitonic Sort

Link List Sort

Simple Sort

Stooge Sort

Gnome Sort

Quick Sort



Cocktail Shaker Sort

Bubble Sort Recursion

Heap Sort



Selection Sort



Pancake Sort

Cycle Sort

Radix Sort

Merge Sort No Extra Space


Levenshtein Distance

Check Vowels

Horspool Search


List All Possible Words From Phone Digits

Longest Non Repeative Substring

Characters Same

Word Ladder


Reverse String


Permute String

Check Anagrams

Zig Zag Pattern

Rabin Karp

Boyer Moore